Engineered Solutions

Meomi Lighting's Premier Lighting Service

Engineered Solutions is Meomi Lighting’s premier lighting service. We harness our extensive lighting knowledge, engineering expertise, and certification connections to develop and deliver tailored lighting solutions for our customers.

Our collaborations extend to end users, developers, lighting designers, architects, and engineers. By actively listening and understanding their unique needs, we’re able to cater to a wide range of requests, from custom chandeliers and sconces to specific outdoor lights and application-specific products. In essence, our Engineered Solutions becomes your one-stop-shop for all your lighting requirements.

We’ve streamlined our process for simplicity, covering every step from design and engineering to prototyping and final product delivery.

Over recent years, we’ve completed several prestigious projects across North America, addressing complex and highly specialized lighting demands. Here, we’ve simplified our entire process for easy comprehension. If you’re in search of a reliable and competitively priced custom lighting manufacturer, please get in touch with a Sales Partner in your region. We at Meomi Lighting look forward to bringing your unique lighting vision to life.